Today’s guest, Kate Connell Potts, relays to Shannon her particular love for teaching clients on a one-to-one basis. In her friendly, bubbly manner, she shares why her passion aligns with this teaching format and how teaching private classes can serve you and your clients.

Kate lives with her husband and young son in Iowa City, Iowa. She went to College for Criminology and Psychology and carried on with her lifelong love of swimming by studying Aquatics.

Kate’s connection to yoga began in her teenage years, taking a class on a whim, she noticed the movement felt effortless. Her relationship with the practice led her to teach after finishing college. Kate led classes in many forms and her experiences (including her work with swimmers,)  helped her define what she wanted to hone in on; private classes.  Her private classes began, in part, when she was contemplating where to teach yoga and perceived that clients would benefit from establishing their yoga practices at home.

The fulfillment she found teaching one-on-one was something that Kate wanted to share with others and does so in a warm down-to-earth way, calling herself  a “Private Yoga Teacher’s Best Friend.”  Kate produces and offers a variety of resources to other yoga teachers that include:  her book The Art of Teaching Private Yoga, blog posts, online courses and in-person trainings which has taken through the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia.

[3:45] How Kate came to practice and then teach Private Yoga Classes

[11:05] How to begin teaching or expand your Private Yoga Classes

[14:00] Establishing your Private Classes -whether you’re a new or seasoned teacher

[16:50] Your ideal client – PFPP (Perfect Fit Private Partner)

[18:30] Charging for Private Classes when establishing yourself and as you move forward

[20:30] Intake and Assessment- a holistic approach

[23:13] Creating Packages- “5 is best”, why Kate feels one-offs are problematic

[26:00] A Couple of ways to Package your sessions

[27:35] Working towards a confident money mindset

[30:15]  How to approach setting a timeline with your client: acute settings e.g. pre or post surgical,  pre or post natal or on a trajectory e.g. creating and sustaining an at-home yoga practice

[35:15] What Kate found transformative about teaching in a private vs. group setting and establishing professional boundaries while still showing up as human

[40:55] How can you work with Kate? Her offerings and resources.


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Book: The Art of Teaching Private Yoga by Kate Connell Potts

Article: How One-Off Sessions Could Kill Your Private Practice by Kate Connell Potts