In today’s episode Shannon shares what she aims to avoid in the time after savasana (relaxation).

She also shares what she always includes as well as what she sometimes includes. There are lots of little tips and tricks for teachers of all styles and experience to try.

We also get to hear from some of our other fellow Connected Yoga Teachers.


Rest deeply in Savasana every day. Always enter that pratyahara (withdrawn state) every day. And just enjoy yourself.” — Judith Hanson Lasater

[1:40] Shannon shares her thoughts on the time after savasana

[5:35] What Shannon tries to avoid in the post savasana time

[9:12] What Shannon likes to include in each class after savasana

[12:40] What Shannon sometimes includes after savasana

[18:30] Thoughts on savasana from some of our Connected Yoga Teachers

Thanks to those of you who shared your thoughts:

Amanda Eriksen of Rising Crow Yoga
Cathy Scott
Rosslyn Kemerer of Wholehearter Yoga
Maisie Kennedy of Grace Yoga
Emily McConnell
Joanne Pettit-Myers of Bend Yoga Studio
Vicki Rowsell of Everywhere Yoga


Guided Savasana by Shannon on The Connected Yoga Teacher Live Show

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