Trista Zinn is a personal trainer who specialized in pelvic health and core pre-programming. Trista is the founder of Coreset Fitness. Her interest in pelvic health began when she was diagnosed with a grade 2 prolapse as the condition could not be corrected by surgery she sought out alternative treatments.

Trista connected with the Hypopressive®Method so strongly that she travelled to Spain to train under the only English speaking teacher at the time.  Trista is now Canada’s highest qualified and most experienced trainer in Hypopressive®-  Low Pressure Fitness.

Trista is incredibly passionate about continuous education in the fitness field, feeling that new knowledge should be embraced and shared. She is a mother of 2 and an outdoor enthusiast.

In this episode Shannon and Trista discuss their mutual interest in pelvic health, in particular, how it relates to breathing. Are common breath practices helpful or perhaps harmful to our pelvic health?

Intro to Trista Zinn [5:15]

What is Hypopressives? [6:25]

Trista defines the Core [7:15] 

Importance of Posture [8:00]

Benefits of Hypopressives [8:55]

What Hypopressives encompasses [9:30]

Who Should do Hypopressives? [10:10]

Trisha’s Tube of Toothpaste Analogy [12:00]        

Rib Cage Breath [13:35]

Jelly Fish Breath Analogy [15:00]

Belly Breathing [17:10]

“Engage the core” in yoga why Trish believes this is a harmful cue [18:00]

“Do Less”- helpful mantra with this practice [21:15]

Uddiyana Bandha- similarities and differences between this breathing practice and Hypopressives [23:15]

Caution around teaching Belly Breathing [25:00]

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction [27:00]

Caution around cueing Kegels [27:50]

Trista’s story- her Pelvic Prolapse [32:00]

Taking the Hypopressive Course [34:45]

Other Compatible Courses [35:25]

Diaphragmic Breath- an unnecessary term [38:15]


Article: Jelly Fish Breath and Definition of Core by Shannon Crow

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Video: Facebook Live: Introduction to Pelvic Health by Shannon Crow

Video: “Your Diaphragm and the Cheetah” by Leslie Kaminoff

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Deepha R. Romuwalt PT, C/NDT, Physio Plus, Owen Sound, Ontario

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