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Upcoming Courses For Yoga Teachers

5 Koshas Mini-Series

In this free 5-week mini-series we will learn the basics of the five koshas so that you can easily begin to weave it into your own practice or classes.

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The Connected Yoga Teacher Live Show

Season 1

Flowing Bridge to Empty

Today on The Connected Yoga Teacher live show, Shannon Crow talks about how bridge pose can be modified to be a more gentle or a more challenging pose.

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Bird Dog Pose

Bird dog pose can help to bring strength to the multifidus muscles, which are part of the core 4. Modifications and cues.

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Side Plank Yoga Pose

Side plank pose is great for building core strength. Today’s show is about modifying this pose so that all yoga students of any level can participate.

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The Connected Yoga Teacher Live Show | Season 1

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